Recovering Community

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Recovering Community

Successful completion of treatment marks the beginning of the recovery process from addiction, but we stress that it is only the initial entrance into recovery. Continuous recovery demands that we reshape much of our lives that addiction twisted into pain and self-absorption. It is a simple – but not an easy – path, and it requires help.

We ask our patients to avail themselves of the wide recovery community whose very purpose is to help each other get and remain sober and happy. Our research shows clearly that those patients who maintain strong ties with support groups fare much better after treatment than those who, for whatever reason, do not seek the help of the recovery community.

Resources that are key to maintaining recovery include:
LMRC Alumni Group

Graduates of LMRC feel a special bond with their friends who completed treatment with them. Check our Facebook page for upcoming gatherings as they occur.

For graduates who need a sober place to live with other recovering people, Oxford Houses provide short or long term housing. Self-sustaining and self-governing, Oxford Houses are situated in residential neighborhoods and require that members pay rent and follow a program of recovery.

AA is the oldest and largest of 12-step programs. Thousands of local meetings are held weekly, and AA can be found all over the world. We teach that membership in AA or another 12-step program is essential to early and continuous recovery.

Identical in structure and purpose to AA, NA exists to serve those whose addiction can be traced to drugs other than alcohol. Weekly meetings abound in all communities.

Friends and family members of problem drinkers find understanding and support at Al-Anon meetings.

Here are links to local intergroup offices, where you will find 12 step meeting schedules organized by location and day along with information for members about local activities.

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