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Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers: Downtown Seattle
Outpatient Treatment for Alcohol & Drug Misuse

Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers’ Seattle facility is an outpatient campus providing intensive outpatient and continuing care in the heart of the city. Since our 1983 inception, we have treated over 100,000 clients and their families. These clients prove, time and time again, that spirits, bodies and relationships are restored when people are freed from guilt and supported by proper medical care, healing nutrition, disease education and multidisciplinary therapies.

At LMRC, we are proud that our previous clients are our greatest source of patient referrals. Whether you’ve been referred to Lakeside-Milam by a physician or an alumnus, you will receive tailored treatment that gets you back on track physically, emotionally, personally and relationally—with minimal disruption to your busy life.

Seattle MAT - Medication-Assisted Treatment

MAT is offered as part of Lakeside-Milam’s Seattle outpatient program. This integrated approach is a best practice intended to set clients up for long-term recovery. We use FDA-approved opioid agonist medications that bind to the same receptors in the brain that are activated by prescription opioids, fentanyl, and heroin. This alleviates both cravings and discomfort, encouraging clients to discontinue substance use.

For clients battling alcohol addiction, Lakeside-Milam’s physicians may prescribe naltrexone, also known as Vivitrol. These medications work by reducing cravings and blocking the effects of alcohol, helping to prevent relapse.

Effective, Convenient, Discreet Outpatient Care in Seattle

Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers designed their outpatient programs for those in the early or mid-stages of addiction. Our Downtown Seattle location is conveniently located near I-5, and we are proud to offer co-ed outpatient treatment for those living or working near the city’s central business district. With over 50 years of collective experience in substance misuse treatment, LMRC Seattle provides no-charge, same-day assessments, individual and group therapy, case management and continuing care plans. Attendees are free to choose from daytime or evening weekday programming, depending on their employment schedule and family commitments.

LMRC Seattle Continuing Care Group Schedule

Monday – Friday: 9 am – 12 pm

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 6 pm – 9 pm

Features of Lakeside-Milam Outpatient Care in Seattle

The primary goal of LMRC Seattle is to provide flexible, evidence-based outpatient care that prioritizes accountability while allowing clients to live at home, receive family support, sustain employment and participate in outside activities. Achieving this work-life balance is an important milestone in the sobriety success journey.

Features of our Seattle outpatient recovery program consist of:

  • Initial assessment. Prior to program admission, an LMRC staff member will provide an assessment of a client’s substance use history and severity. Based on this evaluation and taking past treatment experiences into account, our team creates a tailored treatment plan.
  • Individual counseling. One-to-one therapy is essential to the development of a client’s treatment course and is foundational to sustained recovery.
  • Intensive outpatient program. Individuals able to abstain from alcohol or drug use without residential treatment are placed in an intensive outpatient program incorporating group therapy, one-to-one therapy and relapse prevention planning.
  • Relapse education & continuing care plans. After completing their Downtown Seattle IOP, clients are given a continuing care plan that includes relapse prevention plans and aftercare strategies. Continuing care may include monitoring by a Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers therapist or outside agency, along with participation in Al-Anon, Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. These groups serve as a support network while giving participants a safe place to launch their recovery journey.
More Outpatient Services at LMRC Seattle
  • Alcohol & drug information school. Eight hours long, this course discusses the physical and psychological effects of substance use.
  • Deferred prosecution program. LMRC’s two-year deferred prosecution program meets all state guidelines for Washington State residents.
  • Family education. Many of our clients’ families have been on a journey of suffering for years—or decades. Helping put families back together again, Lakeside-Milam provides family courses focused on disease education, relational dynamics and conflict management. Family programs encourage loved ones to share and process emotions in a safe, respectful environment. This portion of our programming is open to the public.
About LMRC Outpatient Recovery & Our Approach

A Pacific Northwest leader in addiction recovery, Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers offers a continuum of outpatient care at nine Seattle-area locations. Each facility is discreetly located in a medical or office building with convenient parking and easy highway access.

LMRC teaches clients and families that addiction is a primary, progressive disease instead of a moral consequence, psychological dysfunction, or character weakness. When addiction is understood as a treatable disease, clients are more likely to believe real, lasting recovery is possible.

Begin Your LMRC Outpatient Journey

Lakeside-Milam’s Seattle outpatient and continuing care program was developed for clients who do not require inpatient withdrawal management or have completed a course of residential treatment. Those in need of inpatient treatment may be referred to LMRC’s residential campus in Kirkland, WA. Many Seattle clients attend our outpatient program as a transition from residential to continuing care.

Lakeside-Milam’s Seattle IOP arms you for a life of sustained sobriety by providing the tools, skills and relationship strategies you’ll need to succeed. To begin changing your life, speak with a member of the Downtown Seattle team at 206-341-9373 or connect via confidential email:

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