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Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services

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Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers in Puyallup
Intensive Outpatient & Continuing Care Services

Welcome to Lakeside-Milam Recovery Center’s Puyallup outpatient campus. Our Pierce County facility is conveniently located near WA-167 and WA-512 and is staffed by a team of experts boasting over seven decades of collective experience. At LMRC Puyallup, families find hope. Offering clients free, same-day clinical assessments and a full continuum of outpatient care, we are recognized for our commitment to clinical excellence and our multidisciplinary approach to recovery.

According to the American Medical Association, addiction is a primary, progressive disease that is wholly treatable. We subscribe to the AMA’s definition, and in doing so, we strive to let clients and families know that addicted men and women are not “bad people” who need to become good, but sick people who need to get well.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) in Puyallup

Lakeside-Milam’s physicians utilize a variety of medication-assisted treatment options to aid our Puyallup clients in overcoming their addictions to opioids, alcohol, and other substances. By combining medications with clinically advanced care, we set our clients up for success. This approach reduces cravings and discomfort, so clients are able to absorb and process the clinical components of our substance abuse treatment program.

Affordable, Effective IOP Care in Puyallup, WA

In our 35 years of service, we have partnered with more than 100,000 clients and families. Lakeside-Milam alumni reside throughout the Pacific Northwest. They are adults of all ages, from every background—and they are our number-one referral source.

LMRC intensive outpatient treatment is designed for individuals who do not require inpatient withdrawal management or residential care. Our Puyallup, WA services are ideal for men and women living at home while remaining employed and engaged in their families and communities. Achieving this work-life balance is vital to sobriety success.

Lakeside-Milam’s treatment model is holistic: addressing all facets of the mind, body and spirit. As such, our evidence-based treatment protocols are catalysts for emotional, physical and relational healing.

Features of Lakeside-Milam Outpatient Care in Puyallup, WA

LMRC Puyallup’s primary goal is to equip clients with a toolbox of addiction recovery tools while minimally disrupting their lives. Outpatient expertise includes:

  • Free, same-day clinical assessment
  • Group & individual counseling
  • Life skills workshops
  • Relapse prevention planning

When IOP is complete, Puyallup addiction specialists help clients develop a robust continuing care plan, to include case management services and peer-support group involvement (Al-Anon, AA or NA).

Additional Outpatient Services in Puyallup, WA
  • Disease education. Our eight-hour disease info session teaches clients and families about the physical and psychological impact of substance misuse.
  • Deferred prosecution program. LMRC’s Puyallup center partners with Washington State to offer a two-year deferred prosecution program.
  • Family programming. As a systemic disease, addiction fragments families and ruins relationships. LMRC’s family programs are a haven for sharing and processing emotions, as well as an opportunity to learn healthy communication patterns and constructive conflict management.
LMRC: A Leader in Pacific-Northwest Recovery

Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers offer a continuum of outpatient services provided at nine Western Washington campuses. For the convenience of clients and loved ones, each discreet location has easy highway access and ample parking.

Lakeside-Milam’s Puyallup facility serves individuals not requiring withdrawal management or residential treatment, as well as those transitioning out of residential centers. As part of our full continuum of care, LMRC also offers inpatient care at our Kirkland, WA location. Whether you are attending inpatient or outpatient treatment, our staff equips you for a life of sobriety—and helps you find joy in recovery.

Transformation and healing begin at our Pacific Northwest treatment campuses. Begin the admissions process, inquire about insurance coverage or speak with a member of Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers by dialing 253-840-8687 or emailing help@lakesidemilam.com, 24/7.

Talk to someone who understands
Talking about addiction is first step to recovery.
Talking about addiction starts to strip it of its powers.

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