Alumni Group

Fellowship & Continued Support

Alumni Group

Since 1983, Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers have treated over 100,000 men and women for substance use disorders. Our program is the largest in the Northwest, with thousands of clean and sober alumni. Residents often develop lifelong community bonds throughout their time with us. Thankfully, these relationships don’t end when they leave our facilities. We work to make sure every client is able to remain connected to Lakeside-Milam and other alumni. At the conclusion of treatment, each attendee is invited to join our active alumni group. There is no cost to be a member, and the benefits are countless.

Alumni Events

Lakeside-Milam offers a rich array of events especially for our alumni. Every quarter, we host an alumni dinner and speaker meeting, all at no cost to you. This night typically lasts from 6:00 to 8:00 PM, and includes a meal, speakers, coin ceremony, and a raffle for prizes. This is a great chance to reconnect with your peers and celebrate major milestones in your recovery.

Each year, Lakeside-Milam puts on an alumni picnic. This event takes advantage of Seattle’s beautiful summer weather. Activities include a barbeque, games, face painting, raffle drawings, and live music. Lakeside-Milam will provide shuttles to and from the event; this year, our picnic will take place on August 3rd from 1 to 4 P.M. Parking is available at Juanita Elementary and Juanita Community Church on NE 132nd St. We look forward to seeing you there!

Digital Involvement – Connect With Us!

While in the alumni program, you’ll receive a periodic email newsletter with updates and recovery tips from Lakeside-Milam. These emails are governed by feedback we receive from our alumni network, ensuring that you’ll only get content you want to hear about. Through these motivational messages, we’ll provide you with tips and tricks to not only survive but thrive in sobriety. You’ll also be able to stay up to date with what’s happening at Lakeside-Milam.

You’ll also gain access to our closed Facebook group. There, you can communicate with other Lakeside-Milam alumni, as well as with staff members. This is another way to stay plugged in with your sober support network; discuss recovery milestones and stumbling blocks with other Lakeside-Milam attendees.

Volunteer Opportunities

At Lakeside-Milam, once you enter our program, you’re family. If you want to join our growing network of alumni, please contact Mary Fredericksen at She’ll tell you everything you need to know to stay connected with Lakeside-Milam! We look forward to hearing from you.

Lakeside-Milam App

For our Alumni and individuals currently enrolled in one of our outpatient programs, we have set up an Alumni app that provides a HIPAA compliant space for individuals to receive support from each other and the staff; as well as get resources and tools for them to explore. It is also where individuals access our virtual outpatient services.

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