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Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers in Auburn, WA
Outpatient Treatment for Drug & Alcohol Dependency

Lakeside-Milam’s Auburn Recovery Center is a family-owned and -operated facility offering outpatient drug and alcohol treatment for men and women. For over three decades, we have been honored to help thousands of families in the Pacific Northwest and across the U.S. find the sobriety, happiness and peace they crave.

More than 80% of Lakeside-Milam alumni will participate in our highly respected outpatient recovery programs, which provide clinical assessment, disease education, intensive outpatient treatment and continuing care services. For clients requiring a more intensive course of therapy, LMRC offers residential treatment at our Kirkland, WA campus.

Medication-Assisted Treatment in Auburn, WA

Lakeside-Milam provides MAT (medication-assisted treatment) in combination with the group therapy and clinical care services offered in our Auburn outpatient program. MAT is an effective way to support clients in overcoming addiction to opioids, alcohol, and other substances. By reducing cravings and discomfort, MAT sets clients up for successful recovery and long-term success.

About Lakeside-Milam at Auburn

When a person is in the early to mid-stages of addiction, it is often practical for them to receive treatment at a facility near their home while continuing to work and participate in family and community activities. Lakeside-Milam’s Auburn, WA facility provides this type of IOP treatment to many families living in the King and Pierce County areas.

Conveniently located near WA-167, LMRC is staffed by a team with over 30 years’ experience in substance use disorder treatment. We proudly offer same-day assessments, free of charge, as well as a continuum of outpatient care and case management. Choose from day and evening weekday schedules that take employment and family commitments into account.

LMRC Auburn Continuing Care Group Schedule

Monday – Friday: 9 am – 12 pm

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 6 pm – 9 pm

Features of Lakeside-Milam Outpatient Care at Auburn

At Lakeside-Milam in Auburn, we deliver flexible, evidence-based treatment that holds clients accountable while allowing them to remain in a supportive family environment, sustain employment and pursue volunteer commitments. This work-life balance is integral to the success of our outpatient program participants.

IOP and OP features include:

  • Initial assessment. LMRC staff conducts a comprehensive evaluation of a new or returning client’s involvement with drugs or alcohol. Based on this evaluation, we recommend a customized treatment plan.
  • Individual counseling. One-to-one counseling sessions are vital to exploring a course of treatment and charting an outpatient recovery plan.
  • Intensive outpatient program. Men and women who can abstain from substance use without inpatient treatment will embark on a focused, in-depth curriculum that includes group therapy, individual therapy and ongoing case management.
  • Relapse education & continuing care plans. Following the completion of Auburn’s intensive outpatient program, LMRC clients receive a personalized long-term care strategy incorporating relapse education and aftercare recommendations. Continuing care is monitored by counseling staff at the Auburn, WA center or other agencies in the client’s home community. Most LMRC alumni become involved in Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon or Narcotics Anonymous. These groups allow participants to build a support network and learn to practice day-to-day recovery in their family environments, workplaces and communities.
Additional outpatient services offered at our Auburn, WA campus and other outpatient locations include:
  • Alcohol & drug information school. This course lasts eight hours and addresses the physiological and psychological impact of substance misuse.
  • Deferred prosecution program. This two-year program meets all state guidelines for those under deferred prosecution in Washington State.
  • Family education program. Many of our clients’ families have been suffering for years or even decades with a loved one in the throes of a substance use disorder. LMRC provides weekly family programming that educates parents, children and siblings about addiction dynamics, social stressors and maladaptive reactions. In groups, families have the opportunity to discuss long-suppressed emotions while our skilled facilitators teach them to develop healthy communication patterns, conflict management and other skills. These valuable programs are open to the public.
About Lakeside-Milam Outpatient Recovery Programs

Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers provides intensive outpatient programs for adults at nine locations throughout Western Washington. Each facility is discreetly located in office parks or medical/dental buildings with ample parking and easy highway accessibility.

LMRC teaches that alcoholism and drug dependency are primary, progressive diseases. They are not a character weakness, psychological dysfunction or manifestation of a moral consequence. When an individual considers addiction a treatable illness, he or she is more likely to embrace the likelihood of lasting, rewarding sobriety. When families are involved in a client’s life, Lakeside-Milam staff educates them about the disease of alcohol or drug misuse while teaching them to support and communicate with an addicted loved one in healthy, productive, non-enabling ways.

Who Should Attend Lakeside-Milam’s Auburn Outpatient Program?

Lakeside-Milam’s Auburn outpatient program is ideal for those not requiring inpatient withdrawal management or residential care. When inpatient treatment is recommended, we may refer you to our Kirkland, WA residential program. Many Auburn clients use our outpatient program to transition from Kirkland’s residential treatment program to continued care at home or in sober living.

To speak with a member of the Auburn team, call 253.859.6436 or connect with a confidential email: Offering effective, affordable drug and alcohol treatment, we put families back together again—one day at a time. Get help—and hope—today.

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