Clinical Addiction Assessment

Clinical Assessment for Alcoholism & Drug Addiction

Clinical Assessment for Alcoholism & Drug Addiction

If you have symptoms of a medical problem – for example, shortness of breath – you would schedule an appointment with a physician to determine the cause of the symptoms. Alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases that are eminently treatable once diagnosed. An addiction assessment with a qualified professional will confirm or deny the presence of the disease. Should you have any questions about your drug or alcohol use, consider taking the self test found on our site.

If you have taken the self survey and found that your drinking and drug use is harmful, the next step is to arrange a clinical addiction assessment to determine whether you need treatment. No other treatment system in Washington has the breadth or length of experience in assessing drinking and drug problems.

At the end of the hour-long evaluation, we will give you the results of our findings, as well as our recommendations, if needed. Like any health evaluation, your addiction assessment is completely confidential, and we will release no information to anyone without your written consent.

When is It Time to Seek Help?

Once you have undergone a clinical addiction assessment and have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder, it is critical to act quickly. Studies show that the sooner one begins treatment, the more likely they are to achieve sustained sobriety. One myth that is often perpetuated is the necessity of “rock bottom” – a state of total desolation marked by the loss of one’s career, family, or friends. However, research shows that hitting rock bottom is not required. In fact, seeking addiction recovery before problems worsen is a much more beneficial approach.

Proven Addiction Treatment

Before making the decision to attend a rehab program, you should find out which level of treatment is right for you. By receiving a clinical addiction assessment, you’ll receive an individualized treatment plan tailored to your needs. Lakeside-Milam provides these services at a variety of locations. Call our toll-free number today to learn how to get your own addiction assessment.

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