Getting You Well ASAP

Our Admissions Process

Addressing a drinking or drug problem is a significant hurdle for many people. At Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers, we are here to help you every step of the way. We invite you to contact us 24/7 to get answers to your questions and begin the process of seeking treatment for the disease of addiction.

1. Schedule an Assessment

If you believe your alcohol or drug use is harming your health, job responsibilities, and relationships, call 866-459-2078 to schedule your complimentary clinical addiction assessment. At the end of the hour-long, confidential evaluation, we will give you the results of our findings and recommend next steps.

2. Plan Your Treatment

Time is of the essence if your assessment provider has diagnosed you with a substance use disorder. Starting your recovery before your problems escalate is an optimal approach. Lakeside-Milam’s licensed mental health counselors create individualized plans tailored to clients’ specific needs at seven locations across Washington. We have received CARF and ASAM accreditation as a testament to our commitment to quality care and upholding high standards. Our admissions counselors will work with you to verify your health insurance and explain what to bring.

Arrive at Our Treatment Facility

We are glad to provide transportation from Sea-Tac Airport for out-of-town clients. Those staying at our Kirkland inpatient campus will receive a treatment orientation that highlights the emotional, interpersonal, psychological, and financial factors associated with substance use disorders. We also provide medically managed detoxification and medication-assisted treatment.

Contact Us Today

No other treatment system in Washington has the breadth or length of experience in assessing drinking and drug problems. We have helped more than 100,000 people transform their lives over the past four decades, and we are here for you when you need it. Please reach out to speak to a compassionate, understanding person.

Talk to someone who understands