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emotional signs of stress

5 Emotional Signs of Stress

It’s no secret that the past year has been stressful. A global pandemic, city-wide lockdowns, and rampant unemployment have added more weight to those already struggling. Whatever is behind...

how to quit smoking weed

How to Quit Smoking Weed

The state of Washington legalized recreational marijuana in December of 2013. Cannabinoid products now fall into the same category as alcohol: even though these substances are technically legal, they...

what does cocaine do to your brain

What Does Cocaine Do to Your Brain?

What is Cocaine? We’ve discussed cocaine previously on the Lakeside-Milam blog. Humans have used and abused this substance for thousands of years. A naturally occurring plant, coca, produces leaves with...

drug-induced psychosis

Drug-Induced Psychosis

When your loved one first began using drugs, they may have seemed almost “normal.” At this stage, they were able to conceal their problem and manage any symptoms that...

national recovery month

National Recovery Month

Every September, we ask you to join us in celebrating National Recovery Month. This observance, led by Faces & Voices of Recovery, is an important opportunity to educate the...

foods for depression

Eat to Beat Depression

Did your parents urge you to finish your vegetables by telling you, “You are what you eat”? That’s true long after you’re grown up: the foods you consume help...

detox for fentanyl

Washington’s Fentanyl Epidemic

Synthetic Opioids in Washington State We have discussed Washington’s opioid epidemic multiple times on the Lakeside-Milam blog, and for good reason. The rising popularity of synthetic opioids – primarily fentanyl...