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dysphoric mania

Dysphoric Mania Explained

While media depictions of bipolar disorder might lead you to assume this condition alternates between extreme highs and lows, the experience is less predictable for many people living with...

irritability and anxiety

Why Am I Agitated?

Agitation is a sense of inward stress and restiveness that can give you a surplus of nervous energy and put you on edge. When you get agitated, you may...

what makes anxiety worse

What Makes Anxiety Worse?

If you struggle with anxiety, you already know it can be a self-perpetuating cycle, since the thoughts and feelings that cause your symptoms are anxiety-inducing in and of themselves....

detox for fentanyl

Washington’s Fentanyl Epidemic

Synthetic Opioids in Washington State We have discussed Washington’s opioid epidemic multiple times on the Lakeside-Milam blog, and for good reason. The rising popularity of synthetic opioids – primarily fentanyl...