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impulsive vs compulsive

Impulsive vs. Compulsive

While being impulsive is about relying on your gut feeling and going with the flow, compulsion comes from intrusive thoughts and irresistible urges to do specific things. Both qualities...

how to be more social

Why Is Social Health Important?

Though our ancestors lived in closely connected, interdependent groups, most modern humans have a dramatically different lifestyle. The large, multigenerational families of the past have given way to people...

what is heavy drinking

What is Heavy Drinking?

As we enter the last week of Alcohol Awareness Month 2022, have you carefully considered your drinking habits? When someone is dealing with alcoholism (alcohol use disorder), the signs...

dysphoric mania

Dysphoric Mania Explained

While media depictions of bipolar disorder might lead you to assume this condition alternates between extreme highs and lows, the experience is less predictable for many people living with...

irritability and anxiety

Why Am I Agitated?

Agitation is a sense of inward stress and restiveness that can give you a surplus of nervous energy and put you on edge. When you get agitated, you may...