Dr. Milam’s Position Papers


Dr. James R. Milam, co-founder of Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers and co-author of Under The Influence, continues to write position papers on the subject of alcoholism.

In “The Alcoholism Revolution”, Dr. Milam introduces his biogenic paradigm—a treatment model which “recognizes that alcoholism is a primary addictive response to alcohol in a biologically susceptible drinker, regardless of character and personality.”

In “More On The Alcoholism Revolution”, Dr. Milam expands on his earlier work, exposing the inadequacies of the predominant “psychogenic” treatment model.

In “Drug-Crime Epidemic”, Dr. Milam addresses the link between dubious alcoholism treatments and this nation’s devastating rise in crime and violence.

Dr. Milam’s papers currently influence how treatment professionals, law enforcement, and legislators approach the disease of addiction.


  The Alcoholism Revolution →
⊕  More On The Alcoholism Revolution →
⊕  An Open Letter To All Those Concerned With The Drug-Crime Epidemic →


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