Long Term Treatment

Ongoing Support and Resources

The Foundation Program

Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers offers long-term care in the Foundation Program and transitional living for men at The Lodge. Patients who have previously completed primary residential treatment are able to live in a clean and sober home as they lay the groundwork for a lifetime of sobriety. The Foundation Program is offered in conjunction with Intensive Outpatient treatment.

The Foundation Program and The Lodge were established as a structured and supportive track for individuals where relapse has occurred following previous treatments. Participants are involved for 60-90 days based on their treatment history and living situation.

A complete medical and clinical evaluation is done prior to enrollment in the program. Background and treatment histories are reviewed to ensure that the program and environment are appropriate.

Daily Outpatient treatment, 12-step involvement, life skills, and fitness programming are the cornerstones of the experience.

Patients work with the Lakeside-Milam team to identify opportunities and develop their individual treatment plan, goals and overall length of stay.

The Lodge

Located on 5 acres east of Seattle just outside North Bend, The Lodge provides a unique environment for up to 7 men to engage in activities included in the Foundation Program. Topics range from personal care to executing a household budget, home upkeep, résumé building and community service.

With a healthy balance of activities and free time, Foundation Program participants are able to identify options and build plans to address the next chapter of their lives. Before completing the Foundation Program and moving on from The Lodge, individuals develop plans to address work or school, medical issues, relationships and their next living arrangement.

Staff members are available 24 hours a day to help guide the process and support a clean and sober life.

Proven Long Term Addiction Treatment

Since treating its first patients in 1983, Lakeside-Milam has helped over 100,000 addicts and alcoholics. By offering long term treatment services, we hope to work with clients to create lasting recovery. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, don’t wait. Call today for your customized treatment plan.

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