Local Rehab Benefits Seattle

Selecting the right addiction treatment facility is an incredibly important part of rehabilitation. The good news is that you’ve already made the right decision by choosing to attend rehab in the first place, whether local or out of state. After deciding to participate in a treatment program, many options will become available to you. Centers offer different types of therapies, certification levels, medications, and philosophies, all of which can influence your recovery.

Throughout the selection process, perhaps the most-asked question is, “Should I go out of state or remain in-state for rehab?” Many people wonder if they’ll have a more effective experience by staying close to home or venturing to another part of the country. Today, we’ll examine the benefits to choosing a local rehab program.


Logistics and Convenience

There are several practical reasons for selecting a treatment program in your state. Many of these are financial. The first concerns insurance; while many types of programs are covered, sometimes options are limited to specific centers, most of which will be in your state. In-state centers may also receive more generous levels of coverage than out-of-state options. It’s always worthwhile to call your provider – or our admissions staff – to get a firm answer about how much of your treatment will be covered.

Even if treatment rates are the same for in-state and out-of-state centers, the cost of travel can be a limiting factor. While your insurance provider may gladly cover treatment, they don’t normally pay for your travel expenses.

Additionally, depending on the path to recovery that you’ve selected, it may be beneficial to have easy access to work and home. Those participating in our outpatient program will naturally want to stay in the area, which allows them to access counseling and educational services while still living their day-to-day lives.

Beyond this, attending rehab close to home allows you to directly address any potential triggers with people who are familiar with your area. Those in your program may be able to recommend alternatives for favorite haunts, including alcohol- and drug-free spaces for weekend activities. By plugging into a support network that knows your neighborhood, you don’t have to do all of that research yourself.


Family Involvement in Addiction Recovery

Perhaps the greatest benefit for those at a local rehab is the possibility of family involvement. Research shows that the most effective addiction treatment heals not just the addict, but the entire family unit. If someone is seeking to get sober, it’s vital that they have a solid support system. By integrating loved ones into your treatment plan, your risk of relapse is much lower, and the likelihood of your other family members misusing substances in the future is drastically decreased.

Your family will learn more effective communication and conflict-resolution techniques, and through moderated therapeutic discussion, will be able to express their feelings in a neutral, safe space. They’ll also better understand your feelings and will be able to more successfully support you after your time in rehab.


After Treatment: Continuing Care

Another key feature of local addiction treatment is your integration with the recovery community. The first 90 days after treatment are when you’re at the greatest risk of relapse, which means that this time period requires continued care, in the form of AA or NA meetings and other tailored support systems. Your center will have invaluable connections with support groups, counselors, sponsors, and work programs in the area, making your transition from inpatient care as seamless as possible. Lakeside-Milam has many such resources, including our alumni group, available to all who participate in our treatment programs.

Additionally, many facilities offer options for long-term care, in the form of sober living solutions or outpatient programs. Choosing a local addiction treatment center means that you’re able to work with the same professionals who reinforce the same core principles you learned in your inpatient program. There are no readjustment periods or mixed messages, meaning that you’ll have an easier time moving to a cohesive outpatient program.


Benefits of Local Rehab Facilities

In summary, the pros of attending a rehab facility in your area include:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Insurance coverage
  • Convenience
  • Local recommendations
  • Family involvement
  • Outpatient treatment options
  • Resources
  • Established support networks
  • Long-term treatment solutions


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