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You or someone you love is struggling with alcoholism. First, you can take comfort in the fact that Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers has helped more people achieve sobriety and alcohol recovery than any other facility in the region. Next, you need to understand the stark realities of alcohol addiction and alcoholism disease:

  • Alcoholism is an identifiable biochemical disease, like diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, or heart disease. It is a physical addiction caused by a genetically inherited susceptibility in the body chemistry.
  • Alcoholism cannot be cured, and the susceptible system is always there. Alcoholics are not able to return to social drinking, regardless of length or quality of sobriety, as a single drink will trigger the addictive pathway again.
  • However, alcoholism is treatable and alcoholics can live full, healthy and productive lives.
  • Free yourself from the symptoms of alcoholism with alcohol detox and become a receiving alcoholic.
  • Stages of Alcoholism and Addiction
  • Signs of Alcoholism
  • Symptoms of Alcoholism
  • Why Do Alcoholics Drink

Armed with this knowledge—along with the medical and psychological tools to treat the disease—Lakeside-Milam is ready and able to help you. The problem is real, the time is now. Take the first step.

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The problem is real, the time is now. Take the first step.


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Outpatient Program

At Lakeside-Milam, our treatment philosophy is quite simple. We build individualized treatment programs to help patients get back on track—with minimal disruption to their busy lives. For many clients, the flexibility of outpatient care allows them to remain within a supportive family environment and to keep working.

Outpatient Treatment Programs


Someone you know needs help. His—or her—drinking and drug using has gotten out of control, and is beginning to affect the rest of his life. He’s missing work, if he can still work at all. His family life is a shambles. He seems to be sick a lot. He just isn’t the person you’ve come to know and love.

Inpatient Treatment Programs

Family Programs

Twenty years of addiction research has determined that successful treatment of an addicted person ideally includes the education of family members. Just as the disease of addiction causes dysfunctional behaviors in the addict, so too does it have psychological emotional and spiritual effects on family members.

Family Treatment Programs
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