“Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers is one of the ten best treatment centers in the country.”

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This book is designed to help families find the outstanding inpatient treatment centers. Only a decade ago, the public perception of these treatment centers was as the last resort for the hopeless alcoholic. Today, however, thanks in part to the media’s attention, most people realize that an addicted person should not have to reach “rock bottom,” or be “in the gutter” before effective treatment can be offered. In fact, there’s strong evidence that, as with other chronic diseases, early treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction can have significantly more positive results, especially over the long term.

Unlike any other rating book in the field, our recommendations are based exclusively on the informed opinions of professionals actively working with alcoholics and other chemically dependent people and their families. In fact, virtually all of those whose advice and counsel we sought are directly involved with selecting treatment centers and monitoring the outcomes of the care they provide; they include psychiatrists, psychologists, family therapists, social workers, certified addiction counselors, and administrators of corporate programs for employees with substance-abuse problems.

Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers 
Kirkland, Washington 


In determining the value of a rehabilitation center, two of the best indicators are patient satisfaction and recovery rates, and, at Lakeside-Milam, the numbers in both these areas are impressive indeed. Over one half of all referral from Lakeside-Milam come from former patients, which indicates that patients are quite satisfied with the treatment they received here (other referrals include interventionists, EAPs, other rehabs, and health-care providers. The recovery rates of all former patients revealed that 77 percent of the respondents were still clean and sober for up to four and a half years (recovery was defined as continued abstinence from all mood-altering drugs and alcohol, and maintenance of a state of social, physical, behavioral, and spiritual equilibrium).

Statistics such as these are the reason Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers has a reputation for being one of the best treatment centers in the Seattle area and one of the foremost in the Pacific Northwest.

Located in a park-like setting 20 minutes from downtown Seattle, Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers is a private, state approved and licensed facility for the treatment of alcoholism and drug addictions. The secluded natural setting was chosen to provide patients with a serene location in which to begin their recovery, away from the distractions often found in a city. The basic program offers treatment, in addition to special family. About one third of the patient population are women; and, at any given time during the year.

Upon admission all patients are under close medical supervision and detoxification services are available. Any emergency needs are covered by an affiliation with Evergreen Hospital. Evaluation and treatment of medical conditions is followed by individual and group counseling. Treatment also includes lectures, films, involvement with AA, NA, and Cocaine Anonymous, assigned reading, exercise, and learning relaxation techniques. Good nutrition is an important aspect of the Lakeside-Milam program, and all patients participate in twice weekly in a physical fitness class. All patients are expected to complete the first three steps of AA during treatment.

A high staff to patient ratio provides a structured treatment program. The primary treatment staff includes a medical director and nursing staff. Additionally, there are state-approved treatment counselors, nutrition experts, consulting psychologists, and a support staff of associate counselors. The center offers in-service training for the staff, most of whom attend workshops and classes at colleges in the community. Staff turnover is exceptionally low; in the past two years, only two counselors have left the center.

To help families, Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers offers an extensive Family Program for friends and family of people in treatment, as well as Family Recovery Week.

The Continuing Care Program is designed to provide a support system for the individual who is recovering from the effects of addiction and has completed intensive inpatient or outpatient treatment. The program offers a therapeutic atmosphere for using the tolls of recovery and adjustment to sober living. Patients close to one of Lakeside-Milam’s 10 outpatient offices in the Pacific Northwest attend continuing care once a week. For patients from out of the area, continuing care arrangements are made with local agencies before patients leave treatment at Lakeside-Milam.

Lakeside-Milam also schedules a series of training conferences and seminars throughout the year for counseling staff and other professionals. Past topics have included Wellness Techniques for Treatment of Professionals; Cocaine, Addictions, and the Law; and Advanced Counseling Techniques. A free class on intervention is open to the public at the center each week and conducted by an intervention counselor. Additionally, weekly lectures on alcoholism, addiction, and family issues are presented.

Admission Policy

Lakeside-Milam will admit patients on a 24-hour, seven day a week basis. Patients must be 13 years of age or older. There is no minimum sobriety requirement.

The majority of patients come from Washington, although increasingly Lakeside-Milam gets referrals from Alaska and throughout the Pacific Northwest. A few patients come from other locations throughout the United States.

Ground transportation for people coming to treatment from within the King County area, and to and from Sea-Tac Airport.


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“…patient satisfaction and recovery rate indicators are impressive indeed. Over half of all referrals come from former patients.”

“The 100 Best Treatment Centers for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse”

—Linda Sunshine and John W. Wright
(Avon Books 0-380-75489-4)

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