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alcohol poisoning symptoms

Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms

Few people would admit to willingly swallowing large doses of poison. Yet one in six U.S. adults do exactly that—often multiple times a week—by consuming at least 4–5 alcoholic...

shaking after drinking

Shaking After Drinking

Alcohol Tremors, Hangover Shakes, and Shivering Many binge drinkers are familiar with the tremors that follow a big night out. Some people feel them all over, while others report that...

how to quit smoking weed

How to Quit Smoking Weed

The state of Washington legalized recreational marijuana in December of 2013. Cannabinoid products now fall into the same category as alcohol: even though these substances are technically legal, they...

what does cocaine do to your brain

What Does Cocaine Do to Your Brain?

What is Cocaine? We’ve discussed cocaine previously on the Lakeside-Milam blog. Humans have used and abused this substance for thousands of years. A naturally occurring plant, coca, produces leaves with...