Youth Addiction — Treatment and Rehabilitation

There’s a young person close to you who is abusing drugs or alcohol. We want you to know that Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers has been successfully treating addiction in young adults for nearly three decades.

The chemistry of addiction is the same for adults and adolescents. However, because the brain is not fully developed until their mid-twenties, the progression of addiction can happen much more rapidly in teens and young adults.

Most adolescents who are addicted have adopted a group in which drug and alcohol abuse is the norm. A key element of treatment is exposure to another peer group – one that believes there is a better way to act, think and live.

Lakeside-Milam’s adolescent unit has medical staff and counselors who understand young people and the disease of addiction. We’ve helped thousands of teens and young adults find the road back to healthy, productive lives. Are you ready to help the young person in your life?

The problem is real, the time is now. Take the first step.

Any parent having concerns for an adolescent’s use of alcohol and drugs may call one of our outpatient offices to arrange an assessment. During the assessment parents are asked what their concerns are and whether they notice any unwelcome changes (.eg., declining grades, different group of friends, moodiness) in their child.

There’s a young person you know who needs help. Drinking or drug abuse has gotten out of control and his or her life is becoming a shambles. Attendance at school or work has become erratic. He or she seems sick or depressed. You wonder what happened to the young person you used to know.

Twenty years of addiction research has determined that successful treatment of an addicted person ideally includes the education of family members. Just as the disease of addiction causes dysfunctional behaviors in the addict, so too does it have psychological emotional and spiritual effects on family members.


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